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Unterwegs vom Wein- ins Waldviertel, ©

The Reblaus Express

The nostalgia wine | and pleasure train

Nostalgia-inducing train set: Saturdays, Sundays & holidays from 1 May to 1 November 2021

Spring & Autumn excursions aboard the golden diesel railcar: Saturdays, Sundays & holidays from 20 March - 25 April &
7 November to 29 November 2021

We affectionately call our Reblaus Express “the most appealing way of getting to know our local vineyards (Weinviertel region) and forests (Waldviertel district)”.

And the nostalgia experience train certainly merits this description. The train shuttles at a leisurely pace between the sun-kissed Retz vineyards and the tranquil forests and ponds of the Waldviertelregion. At times far from roads and houses the route traverses hilly terrain and river flats, stretches of open country and extensive woodland. A pleasant journey during which you will switch off from your daily routine is guaranteed. Aboard the Reblaus Express you will experience some of the loveliest spots in Lower Austria.

The classic Reblaus Express train set is made up of nostalgia-inducing, dark green carriages with open platforms which are pulled by a diesel locomotive. Your bikes will be transported free of charge in the bicycle carriage. A particular highlight – and always available – is the “Heuriger car”. Regional delicacies, refreshing drinks and great wines from local winemakers are served. (You can also get this service to your seat.)

Another not-to-be-missed Reblaus Express experience is a spring excursion aboard the golden diesel railcar. Its large windows offer interesting perspectives of the passing spring landscape. Its seating capacity also makes the golden diesel railcar an ideal choice for bus charter groups.

There are countless insider tourist tips along the route of the Reblaus Express to be explored and enjoyed.

The combination of wonderful scenery, gastronomy, fabulous wines, tradition and culture make an excursion aboard the Reblaus Express an unforgettable experience.