The Heuriger car

The Heurigenwaggon is managed with much love and passion by the members of the association "Care and Management of the Reblaus Express" - all of them winegrowers from the region.

Enjoy regional delicacies, homemade pastries, refreshing juices and excellent wines, which will be gladly served to you in the Heurigenwaggon. Enjoy them relaxed at your seat while the landscape passes you by.

The basic menu of the Reblaus Express is composed as follows
(Each vintner also offers his own delicacies):

Mineral water 1/4 l € 1,10
Pure grape juice 1/4 l € 2,40
Grape juice sprayed 1/4 l € 2,00
Elder juice sprayed 1/4 l € 1,50
White or red wine (draught wine) 1/8 l € 1,80
Quality wines 1/8 l € 2,60
G'spritzter white or red 1/4 l € 2,20
Kaiserspritzer white or red 1/4 l € 2,40
Brandy 2 cl € 2,50
Cup of coffee   € 2,70


Bread with spread AGMF € 3,00
Pastries with meat or cheese AF/AFG € 3,50
Bread garnished with meat AMF € 4,50
Reblausweckerl (filled with meat and vegetables) ACMF € 5,00
Homemade pastries ACGH € 2,80


Allergen info

gluten-containing cereals A
Crustaceans B
Egg C
Fish D
Peanut E
Soy F
Milk or lactose G
Nuts H
Celery L
Mustard M
Sesame N
Sulphur dioxide & sulphites O
Lupins P
Molluscs R